A Little Bit About Us

A Little Bit About Us
SES Water Management is a water conservation and energy management company and we offer a range of other services including inline pipe inspection, hydrant testing and meter installation.

Our team works throughout Ireland and consists of trained technicians with strong backgrounds in mechanical engineering and plumbing. Professionalism and customer service is a priority for everyone at SES Water Management along with using years of experience to provide results of the highest standards.
One of our technicians recording data noted at a domestic property in Ennis Town Center

A dynamic and pragmatic approach is used by our employees to solve problems which might be encountered while carrying out the various services offered. The benefit of working in teams for us is that collaborative learning is achieved. As our employees each have a variety of experience we use one another’s skills and communication between teams is highly encouraged to achieve the solution for a problem.
Carrying out an acoustic survey of the area around the boundary box where the meter is located.

High Accuracy Equipment

In addition to the services we offer, we also supply and install a range of water and energy saving products, including tap aerators, low-flow showerheads and rainwater harvesting systems. These products are low-maintenance, easily installed and guaranteed to reduce usage.
We are always looking for the latest products and devices to improve our product range and to supply our customers with products which might best suit their needs. We enjoy getting involved with community programs such as Tidy Towns and with educational projects like schools trying to achieve a Green Flag. The products we supply have been used to achieve these awards across the country. The response we have received, from being involved, has proven that our customers have been extremely satisfied with our products and the customer care we provided to them.
Examples of products used to achieve Green Flags and Tidy Town Awards

Our future objectives are to continue to provide service to our customers to the highest standards and offer a greater range of products to achieve the biggest saving of water and to therefore reducing customer’s water bills.

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