Rainwater Harvesting

With increasing costs of bringing water to a potable/drinking standard we must look at new ways of reducing our demand on mains water while still maintaining our living standards. Our Smart Rainwater Harvesting System is that solution. This is a simple technology of collection, filtration and storage of rainwater for recycling. The collected water can be used for Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural Applications. 

Benefits of Rain Water harvesting 

Tanks are sized to meet your requirements. Other tank systems with excessive storage cost more to install and can result in stagnant water which has the potential to cause health risks.

Fit for purpose
Our Systems are designed for the quality of water you require. Rodent guards supplied as standard. Patented filter technology optimises water quality.

Increased security of supply
Having a reserve of rainwater available can help you mitigate the negative impacts of mains water supply interruptions. Also, the patented pump comes with automatic switch-over to mains supply which gives you reliable back-up during dry spells.

Easy to assemble
Due to modular components.

Easy to install
The plastic used is robust yet light-weight, making it easier to manoeuvre into position relative to concrete tanks. Low visual impact: With the underground installations you have more space available for other productive uses.

Reduce Water charges
Water charges are set to increase substantially in the coming years. Therefore, it makes sense to conserve water by utilize the rainwater that falls on your roof as it can substitute up to 50% of the water that you use in your home or business and pay for via the meter. Furthermore, businesses can save on the double because they are currently being charged both for water supply and for waste water produced.

Enviromentally Friendly
Climate change is leading to more violent and erratic rainfall patterns leading to increased flooding on the one-hand and prolonged droughts on the other. Rainwater harvesting helps to mitigate these effects.