"I recently bought the instant hot water tap and I have to say it is a great product. No need to switch on immersion or heat to wash a few dishes anymore! Fast delivery." - Tom Byrne, Galway.


"I purchased a water saving showerhead for my bathroom and it has saved me a huge amount in electricity as I don't have the immersion on as long to heat a lot of water."- Mary Clarke, Dublin 2.

"We purchased a urinal controller from Water Saving Products for our pub and it has saved us hundreds of euro in water bills. We can't recommend this product highly enough. They even organised the install for me. Top class service." - Manager, Taffes Pub, Shop Street, Galway.

"Our house had a big problem with dampness and condensation on windows as it is an old house with poor insulation and old single glaze windows. A friend recommended installing a small home ventilation system in the house. We contacted Smart Energy Systems and they explained the system to me in layman's terms and what was involed with installing etc. and provided me with references from other customers. We bought the system and the house is transformed! No more dampness or condensation and it has really dried out the rooms. Can't fault it in any way. The also installed the system, which only took approximately 1 hour."James Casey, Limerick.

"I bought the water saving kits for my guesthouse and found the products to be very easy to install and have resulted in huge water savings for my business." -Tom Murphy, Youghal, Cork.