Water Management Services

Smart Energy Systems Ltd. (SES Ltd.) offer their clients a range of water management services in Galway, Limerick and Clare. We are always available to discuss what service is most suitable for each individual situation. Our advise is, no matter what stage you are at, we can provide a service to match. From a new client looking to reduce water and energy usage for the first time, to a client who has carried out some water and energy saving work, but is still interested in conserving more, we can provide you with the services you require.

SES Ltd are always interested in hearing from new clients and discussing how best we can help them. So if you have a water leak or you would like to monitor the water you are currently using, please let us help. Offering their clients complete and decisive solutions to all their water and energy problems. SES Ltd can carry out water and/or energy audits on clients’ premises and taking the results of the audits into account along with current water rates, will produce a report detailing where water and energy savings that can be made.

However economically attractive water and energy efficiency may be today, it will become more and more so in the future. SES Ltd offers services to a wide range of industries, including, Hotels, Schools, and Universities, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Stadiums and Concert Venues, Gyms and Leisure Clubs, Factories, Offices and Shopping Centers. For more information on any of our services, please click on them now, or call us today to discuss how we can help you.