Water Metering System

Smart energy Systems Ltd now offers a unique Water Metering System that can be adapted to suit any meter type or water network to save water and reduce water wastage.

How water metering system works? 

This water saving system will help the user see exactly how much water they are using and more importantly when they are using it. It provides the user with volumes and graphs and gives a clear representation of the water usage profile.

It is a simple to install wireless system that transmits all collected data from the meter to a dedicated server every 24 hours. The user can then access their own online web portal with their own log-in details and password and have immediate access to all their water usage details – be it a stand alone installation or a professional cluster. 

They can view their details in a variety of ways – by hour, day, week, month etc. This can be used to identify any leakages, note any abnormal usage and plan your water saving solution.

This is a very effective tool to control costs and identify waste. Other features such as leak alarms etc can be set to alert the manager/caretaker etc by text message or email that the water use has exceeded a preset volume.

This can then be investigated to assess whether a leak has occurred or if consumption has increased. This application alone could save thousands of euros by identifying a leak straight away and not when the huge water bill comes at the end of the month!