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This 5 pack of Hippo Bag 7's is great value for money!

Hippo the Water Saver is the simple, proven and low cost water saving device to help conserve water in toilet cisterns. Every time a toilet is flushed the Hippo not only saves up to 3 litres of water, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

What is a Hippo?
Hippo is made from durable heavy gauge Polyethylene, which opens up, origami style, into an open ended box shape when installed. The Hippo happily sits in the water underneath the large cistern float. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved

Do Hippos have a track record?
Since 1997 we have sold 10 million Hippos with a combined daily water saving equivalent to 27 Olympic size swimming pools!

Are Hippos effective in the workplace?
33% of your precious water supply is unnecessarily flushed down the toilet. In the workplace each employee uses the toilet about 3 times each day and over a working year this amounts to 6000 litres (6 cubic metres) of water.


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