Key- System® Waterless Urinal Retrofit

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Key-System Waterless Urinal Retrofit

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The Smart Waterless Urinal System ushers in the next-generation of waterless urinals. This system can be retrofitted into any existing urinal bowl, eliminating all the unnecessary installation costs of new bowls. Retrofitting consists of removing the existing insert and trap, replacing it with the waterless adaptor and valve, before turning off the water.
The patented Smart Waterless Urinal System was developed for use in waterless urinals. It replaces water with technology. The membrane in the valve works according to the Bernoulli principle: the cohesive forces of the membrane, made of a special surface and a suitable mix of materials, are so strong after wetting that the two lips close airtight. When used, the valve only opens in the direction of the drain. The Smart Waterless Urinal System replaces flushing water and sealing liquids entirely. With an average of three valve changes per year, per urinal, the Smart Waterless Urinal System can save between 120,000 and 150,000 litres of water annually. One valve alone can save between 40,000 and 50,000 litres.